Stroke Order

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cān zhào




refer to as a reference, consult and follow

Related Words


A great way to remember a character is by searching for patterns across all the words that contain it. Can you find similarities?

HanziHSKPinyinEnglish Definition
3cān jiājoin, attend
3hù zhàopassport
3zhào gùlook after
3zhào piànphotograph
3zhào xiàng jīcamera
4àn zhàoaccording to
4cān guānvisit
4zhàoshine, reflect, photograph
5cān kǎoconsult, refer to
5cān yùtake part in
5zhào chángas usual
5zhí zhàolicence
6cān móustaff officer; give advice
6duì zhàocontrast
6guān zhàolook after, notify, inform
6zhào yàngbe in the same old way
耀6zhào yàoshine, illuminate, enlighten