Stroke Order

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gōng láo




contribution, credit

Related Words


A great way to remember a character is by searching for patterns across all the words that contain it. Can you find similarities?

HanziHSKPinyinEnglish Definition
4chéng gōngsucceed; successful
4gōng fukung fu, skill
5gōng néngfunction
5láo dònglabour, work; do physical labour
5láo jià(polite) excuse me, may I trouble you
5pí láotired
5yòng gōnghardworking, diligent; work hard
6cāo láowork hard, take care of
6gōng xiàoefficacy
6jí gōng jìn lìbe eager for quick success
6qì gōngqigong, breathing exercises
6qín láoindustrious, hardworking