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guāng míng







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A great way to remember a character is by searching for patterns across all the words that contain it. Can you find similarities?

HanziHSKPinyinEnglish Definition
1míng tiāntomorrow
3cōng mingclever
3míng baiclear, plain; understand,know
4guāngmerely, only; used up
4shuō míngexplanation; explain
4yáng guāngsunshine
4zhèng míngcertification, identification; prove, testify
5biǎo míngindicate, make clear
5fā mínginvention; invent
5guāng huásmooth, glossy
5guāng lín(polite) be present
5guāng pánCD
5míng quèclear and definite; make clear
5míng xiǎnobvious, clear
5míng xīngstar
5tòu míngtransparent
5wén míngcivilised; civilisation
6bào guāngexpose (scandal)
6fēn míngclearly; clear
6fēng guāngscenery, view
6gāo míngsmart, wise, brilliant; brilliant person
6guān guāngtour, go sightseeing
6guāng cǎiradiant, honourable; radiance
6guāng huīglorious; radiance
6guāng mángrays of light
6guāng rónghonourable; glory
6kāi míngenlightened, open-minded
6lí míngdaybreak, dawn
6míng míngobviously
6míng zhìsensible, sagacious
6mù guāngsight, vision, view
6shēng míngdeclaration; state, declare, announce
6shí guāngtime
6xiān míngbright, clear-cut
6yǎn guāngsight, foresight, eye
6yīng míngwise, brilliant
6zhān guāngbenefit from one's association with somebody