Stroke Order

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individuality, personality

Related Words


A great way to remember a character is by searching for patterns across all the words that contain it. Can you find similarities?

HanziHSKPinyinEnglish Definition
1(used before a noun which does not have a fixed measure word of its own)
3gè ziheight, size
4xìng biésex, sexual distinction
4xìng génature, temperament
5gè biéparticularly
5gè rénindividual; (used on formal occasions to refer to oneself)
5xìng zhìnature, character
5zhěng gèwhole, total
6gè tǐindividual
6jì xingmemory
6màn xìngchronic, slow in taking effect
6rén xìnghuman nature, humanity, normal human feelings
6rèn xìngwilful, self-willed
6suǒ xìngmight just as well, simply
6tán xìngflexible; elasticity
6xìng gǎnsexy
6xìng mìnglife
6xìng néngfunction (of a machine)