Stroke Order

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come from

Example Sentences

lái zì来自nǎ ér哪儿

Where do you come from?

Related Words


A great way to remember a character is by searching for patterns across all the words that contain it. Can you find similarities?

HanziHSKPinyinEnglish Definition
3hòu láilater, afterwards
3qǐ láiget up
3zì jǐoneself
3zì xíng chēbicycle
4běn láioriginally; original
4cóng láiall along, always
4jiāng láifuture
4lái bu jínot have enough time to do something, too late to
4lái de jíhave enough time to do something
4yuán láioriginally; original
4zì ránnature; natural; naturally
4zì xìnconfident; be self-confident
5gè zìeach (of a group), oneself
5qīn zìin person, personally
5wèi láifuture
5yǐ láiperiod of time since
5zì cóngsince, from
5zì dòngautomatic; automatically
5zì háoproud of
5zí juéconscious; realise
5zì sīselfish
5zì yóufree; freedom
5zì yuànvolunteer
6jìn láirecent
6kǔ jìn gān láiafter suffering comes hapiness
6lái lìorigin, antecedents, past history
6lái yuánsource, origin; stem from
6lǐ shàng wǎng láicourtesy demands reciprocity, etiquette requires reciprocation
6lì láialways, all through the ages
6shàn zìact without authorization
6sī zìprivately, secretly, without permission
6xiàng láialways
6zì bēiself-abased
6zì fāspontaneous
6zì lì gēng shēngdo something by relying on one's own strenghth
6zì mǎncomplacent
6zì zhǔact on one's own