Stroke Order

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be proud of oneself, complacent

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A great way to remember a character is by searching for patterns across all the words that contain it. Can you find similarities?

HanziHSKPinyinEnglish Definition
2de(complement of result or degree)
2jué defeel, think
2yì simeaning
3jì deremember
3mǎn yìsatisfy
3tóng yìagree
3yuàn yìbe willing
3zhù yìpay attention to
4bù dé bùhave to
4děimust, have to
4gù yìpurposely, intentionally
4huò déobtain, gain, acquire
4lái de jíhave enough time to do something
4shēng yibusiness, trade
4yì jiànopinion, complaint, view, objection
4zhí débe worth
4zhǔ yiidea, definite view
5bú jiàn dénot likely, may not
5bù dé liǎoterrible, extremely
5guài bu deno wonder
5shě bu deloathe to part with, grudge
5xiǎn delook, appear
5yì wàiunexpected; accident
5yì yìmeaning, significance
6bā bu déeagerly look forward to
6bù dé yǐhave to
6bù yóu decan't help; as a natural consequence
6chèn xīn rú yìhave something as one wishes
6dà yicareless
6dé bù cháng shīnot worth the loss
6dé lìable, competent; benefit from
6dé tiān dú hòube particularly favoured by nature
6dé zuìoffend, give offence to
6hèn bu deone would if one could, be itching to
6lè yìpleased; be willing to do something
6miǎn deso as not to
6nán déhard to come by, rare
6rèn yìwantonly, arbitrarily, wilfully; random
6shì yìsignal, give a signal
6suí yìbehave at will, do as one pleases
6tè yìspecially
6wán yì erplaything
6xīn déperception, understanding
6yì jǔ liǎng dégain two ends at once
6yì liàoexpect, anticipate
6yì shíconsciousness; be aware of
6yì túintention, purpose, intent
6yì wèi zhesignify, mean, imply, import
6yì xiàngintention, purpose
6yì zhìwill
6zài yìtake notice of, care about, mind, take to heart