Stroke Order

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zǎo shang





Related Words


A great way to remember a character is by searching for patterns across all the words that contain it. Can you find similarities?

HanziHSKPinyinEnglish Definition
1shàngup, on
1shàng wǔmorning
2shàng bāngo to work
2wǎn shangevening, night
3mǎ shàngat once
3shàng wǎnggot online
5chí zǎosooner or later
5shàng dàngbe taken in, be fooled
6bù xiāng shàng xiàbe equally matched
6jí zǎoin good time
6jǐn shàng tiān huāadd flowers to embroidery
6shàng jíhigher authorities, higher level
6shàng jìngo forward, make progress
6shàng rènpredecessor; assume an official post, take office
6shàng yǐnbe addicted to something, get into the habit of doing something
6shàng yóuupper reaches (of a river), advanced position
6xuě shàng jiā shuāngone disaster after another, exacerbate bad situation