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August 31, 2020 · 4 min readNews

Learning a new language is hard, especially Chinese. If you are preparing for the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi proficiency test, keep reading. Chance is you probably spent a lot of time on Google searching for "stroke order" or "vocabulary list." There are just so many resources to gather at the beginning that you quickly feel overwhelmed!

As a learner myself, I felt that pain too. That's why I spent several months building a dictionary dedicated just for HSK. Today I'm sharing this secret weapon with you for free!

HSK Levels

Why another online Chinese dictionary?

When it comes to mastering Chinese, building your vocabulary is the most important thing you can do to learn faster. This is the fundamental building block to become fluent in any language.

I won't lie to you, there are many dictionaries out there. But here's the catch, many of them are either outdated, very slow, provide the wrong information, or are offering a terrible experience.

An excellent reference tool is too important. You cannot afford to waste your time and energy learning with something that puts you on the wrong path.

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What can it do for you?

A useful dictionary to prepare for HSK need to cover at least core 5 aspects:

  • Complete vocabulary lists by HSK level to organize your study plan
  • Exact definition with part of speech to understand the correct meaning
  • Animated stroke order to learn how to correctly write hanzi
  • Native audio with pinyin to sharpen your listening skill and pronunciation
  • Example sentences and related words to give context

These are the basic features you should be looking for. With Hanpath, you are covered on all these points and much more!

What about the ability to instantly lookup up a word? Check! A fast mobile-friendly version that also works offline? Check! Character breakdown and mnemonic tips? That's coming soon! New features and content are rolling out continuously.

Full vocabulary list from HSK 1 to 6

Up to date lists from the official Hanban institute in an easy to browse interface. What can we say more?

HSK Vocabulary Lists

Learn how to correctly write characters

A carefully crafted Chinese character stroke player lets you pause and navigate each stroke at your pace so you can follow along with your notebook.

Chinese Character Stroke Order

The specific English translation for HSK

You won't have to fear for picking the correct definition for a word anymore. All the entries are curated just for HSK.

Word definition

Professionally recorded audio by native Chinese

The biggest mistake you can make is learning your Chinese pronunciation from an artificial voice such as google translate. Instead, you listen to the subtlety of tones from high-quality audio recorded in studio by Haley Lu, a native from Shanghai (and co-founder of Hanpath).

Audio Chinese Pronunciation

Learn how to use words

A great way to remember a character is by searching for patterns across all the words that contain it. You'll also find example sentences with audio to give you the context you need to truly understand the vocabulary. (We're adding new sentences each week)

Example Sentences And Related Words

Blazing fast and mobile-friendly too

Prefer to use your phone as a companion in your textbook? No problem, the website is optimized for mobile and is PWA approved (Progressive Web Apps). You can also download the iOS or Android app!

Instant lookup by typing English, hanzi or pinyin

A considerable benefit of an online version versus a good old paper book is that you can search for anything you want in a breeze. Gone are the day you had to remember the number of strokes and radicals to find a word. Only know the pinyin without tones? Type it! The search engine is very flexible.

Search Pinyin Hanzi English


How much does it cost?

This web version will stay free for all.

Is there a mobile app version?

Yes, for iOS and Android. You can download it for iOS or Android.

There's a feature missing, will you add it?

It's still in beta, and each week we roll out new content and features. If you have a feature request, we'll love to hear from you! Drop us a message here. Upcoming: characters decomposition, memorization tips that pros keep for themselves, and more example sentences.


If you've taken the time to read this, it's clear you want to improve the way you are studying. You have 3 choices today.

  1. You can continue to Google "stroke order" or "how to say in Chinese."
  2. You can flip from one website to another wondering if it's accurate information
  3. Or you can check the HSK dictionary and bookmark / install the web app version for quick access.

You just saved yourself countless hours of frustration searching on the internet. Everything is in one cozy place! Building your vocabulary should be the cornerstone of your study strategy, and now you have a great asset in your toolbox to do so.

I hope this will help you succeed in your exam and make your learning journey more enjoyable as it did for me!

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Heinrich Tremblay

Developer by day and Chinese learner by night, he's a passionate entrepreneur who wants to make learning Chinese a better experience. He studied at Tongji University and he's currently coding in Shanghai.

Co-Founder @ Hanpath